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26 January

Black Temple clear!

Alliesa 6 Comments

Maiev: It is finished. You are beaten.

Illidan: You have won...Maiev. But the huntress... is nothing without the hunt. You... are nothing... without me.

Maiev: He's right. I feel nothing. I am nothing. Farewell, champions.

Akama: The Light will fill these dismal halls once again. I swear it.

Well played! Congratulations everyone!

14 October

Hyjal clear!

Quicken 11 Comments

Good job, guys. And welcome to our new guild mates who recently joined us!

Make sure you sign up for SSC on Thursday, especially when you need the T6-attunements. TK will be done afterwards. When we go for a full SSC run TK probably will be done either on Sunday or in the next ID on Tuesday. You´ll get an info early enough.

As we got quite a number of new players and hopefully some more will join I´m writing an info thread which will be posted during this week. I´ll consider some basics such as our Loot Council, GBank Mats, future raids (f. e. possible upcoming fixed ZA weekdays) and what also could be interesting to you. This probably will be posted on Friday or Saturday.

Kill Screen from Sunday:



15 July

Alliesa 5 Comments

"Energy. Power. My people are addicted to it.

Their dependence made manifest after the Sunwell was destroyed.

Welcome to the future... a pity you're too late to stop it.

No one can stop me now. Selama ashal'anore."

Wir haben heute alle Phasen überstanden und konnten den Anführer der Blutelfen zum Schweigen bringen!

Tempest Keep: The Eye clear!

Dickes GZ an alle, erstmal keine Phase 1 mehr! :)

03 July

Alliesa 0 Comments

Nicht nur Lady Vashj und Al'ar mussten die vergangene ID das Zeitliche segnen, sondern auch der Void Reaver und Solarian konnten am Sonntag der Liste hinzugefügt werden!

Dickes GZ an alle zu vier Firstkills in einer ID!

3/4: High Astromancer Solarian

2/4: Void Reaver

29 June

Alliesa 1 Comment

Wir starteten die neue ID mit einem Firstkill im 2nd Try: Lady Vashj down und SSC damit clear!

Am Donnerstag haben wir nach Gruul und Magtheridon zum Abschluss dem Phönixgott noch kurz einen Besuch abgestattet!

Tempest Keep - The Eye 1/4!

GZ an alle!

Void Reaver & Solarian INC am Sonntag!

13 May

Alliesa 1 Comment

Hallo liebe Gilde!

Nachdem wir vergangene ID Hydross gelegt haben, konnten wir gestern Morogrim sowie Leotheras sehr schnell sehr weck machen!

Gz an alle!

Schließt die [The Tempest Key] Chain-Quest "Trial of the Naaru" ab, da wir ab nächster Woche (Do, 23.05.19) Magtheridon's Lair aufräumen werden!

Anbei nun die Screenshots des gestrigen Abends sowie zwei Videos!

4/6: Leotheras the Blind

3/6: Morogrim Tidewalker

Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle an race 6 class 6 Adellgoat, race 8 class 10 Lecki race 10 class 5 Jerkjane und race 7 class 3 SKAS fürs aufzeichnen der Videos, sowie für Schnitt und Bearbeitung!

Weitere Videos findet ihr unter: Epische Killvideos unserer Firstkills

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